Volunteer Profile – Chris

Chris Sheldon first came to the Friendship Inn to work off a fine in 2007 as part of the Fine Option Program through the John Howard Society. Since then every time he received a fine he made the choice to work if off at the Friendship Inn. He started before the renovation to expand the building, and after seeing the newly renovated building he decided that he should volunteer, not just work off fines. He didn’t follow through on that impulse until May of 2015.

“I’ve been coming nearly every Saturday since becoming a regular volunteer. It’s good to come out and help as you get to know the floor and kitchen staff, plus the patrons appreciate what you do. Having the good times with staff makes the time volunteering enjoyable.”

Chris is among many volunteers who first came to the Inn to work off their fine through the partnership with the John Howard Society. We love when they choose to continue volunteering after the financial benefit is complete.

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