Thanksgiving is Important to the Guests at the Inn

On Monday, October 12 the Friendship Inn served 1212 turkey meals to the guests of the Inn. Thanks to the generosity of the Saskatoon and area community we had turkey, potatoes, carrots, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pie for dessert. We had about 40 volunteers helping to prepare, serve and clean up from our special meal.

One family has come to volunteer for several holiday meals now, and they spent some time interviewing some guests to find out what Thanksgiving at the Inn means to them.

“I’m from a reserve down south and this is the first time at the Friendship Inn. Thank you for having me.”

“We come to the Inn to play crib, visit and have a nice meal.”

“I’m a single mom & when I send my little guy to daycare I come here for meals so my groceries at home stretch further for him. I also like to meet people and visit.”

The volunteer family also talked about why they continue to volunteer:

“I keeping coming back to volunteer to help at the Friendship Inn because it feels good to give back & help out.”

Thanksgiving at the Inn

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, and at the Friendship Inn we celebrate with the large family of guests who eat meals together in our dining room. On Thanksgiving Monday we serve a traditional turkey meal at lunchtime, from 11:45am-1:30pm. Everyone is welcome to come to eat turkey together.

In support of the Thanksgiving meal, we are looking for donations of whole turkeys, bone in ham, carrots, gravy (dry mix or canned) and individual packets of butter (a treat on the dinner rolls). Donations can be dropped off at the Inn 7 days/week 7:00am-2:30pm. Please come to the kitchen door off our parking lot on the west side of our building.

Volunteers to serve the Thanksgiving meal are also needed. There are some slots left to come from 10:45-1:45 on Monday, Oct 12 to help out. We also need some extra hands in the kitchen on Sunday, Oct 11 to help prepare the food for the feast on Monday. Any amount of time between 7am and 3pm on Sunday, Oct 11 would be helpful. To sign up for either volunteer opportunity, contact Amy, the volunteer coordinator at the Inn. Call or email Amy 306-242-5122,

Update: Thank you to all our donors and volunteers who made our Thanksgiving turkey meal possible! We served 1212 meals on Thanksgiving Monday, with some turkey to spare for leftover the following week – who doesn’t love turkey leftovers made into soups and stews!