Volunteer Profile – Jayne

Jayne is returning to her home in Northern Ireland, and we are grateful for the hours of work she has given to the Friendship Inn. For the last five weeks she has been coming in at 7:00am from Monday to Friday and working in the kitchen.

Jayne arrived in Saskatoon several months ago, but during her time here she struggled and had to stop what she was doing and focus on getting healthy. When she was starting to feel better she heard about the Friendship Inn and thought it would be a good place to give her time.

On her first day, Tyler, the kitchen manager, had her fry eggs for breakfast; not just a few eggs, but a hundred eggs. For someone who was not comfortable in a kitchen, this was a good challenge. Over her five week stay Jayne has enjoyed the teamwork that takes place in the kitchen to make meals happen.

Jayne enjoyed the atmosphere in the kitchen among the staff and volunteers. She saw how the staff give jobs to the volunteers, they give a task and see if you can handle it. If you can, they give you more like that. If they see you can’t do that, they give you something else to do. The trust of the kitchen manager has been great. She observed how good the staff are with people, making the team work smoothly together.

She has been encouraged in her confidence and in her sense of usefulness by volunteering her time. Having a place to go at 7:00 each morning with a purpose was good for her. She was impressed by watching how the meals come together using the donated food. She saw how they balance the fresh food that comes in, with other donations to create a simple, healthy meal that pleases the Friendship Inn guests. Jayne is taking away with her some creative ideas for meals.

This week Jayne is going home to Ireland and is planning to look for work or volunteer opportunities in a kitchen. Thank you Jayne for your hard work. We are glad to send you home with confidence and a smile on your face.