Christian Ethics Service Hour volunteers – 2014/2015

If you drop by the Friendship Inn on any given Saturday or Sunday during the school year you will likely see 5-10 high school students volunteering in the kitchen and dining room. Most of these youth volunteers are at the Inn to volunteer 5 or 10 hours of their time to complete the volunteering requirement for their Christian Ethics class at a local Catholic High School.

For this class the students are responsible for arranging their own volunteer opportunity at various organizations around the city. We are so glad that so many students choose to volunteer at the Friendship Inn.

During the 2014/2015 school year we had 442 different students complete service hours at the Friendship Inn. If the Inn had paid these students for 5 hours of their time, that would represent $30,000 of payroll cost to the Friendship Inn. The volunteer time of Christian Ethics class students represent a huge saving on the cost of running the Friendship Inn.

We love partnering with students, particularly because volunteering at the Inn once for a class assignment can lead to long-term connections with the Inn. We have seen how student volunteers turn into those students or their family volunteering on a regular basis. We also know that volunteering educates the students about the food and financial needs of the Friendship Inn. We are so grateful for the support we receive from student volunteers and their families in response to a fun day of volunteering.

How to volunteer for Christian Ethics class requirements

We are grateful for the partnership with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools who refer high school students to the Friendship Inn to complete their Service Hours for the Christian Ethics class. No volunteer application is needed for students fulfilling class requirements, simply contact the Friendship Inn to schedule a shift. As our volunteer shifts fill up quickly, please plan ahead and schedule your shift 1-2 weeks in advance. Weekend shifts for Christian Ethics students are 5 hour shifts: on Saturday and Sunday, either from 7am-12pm or 10am-3pm. Call 306-242-5122 or email to book a shift – shifts are limited.