Brownlee Family Foundation Endowment

A huge thank-you goes to the Brownlee Family Foundation for their generosity to establish a $2 million endowment fund that will generate revenue to support the work of the Friendship Inn. Being long-time friends and donors to the Inn, Wayne and Ina Lou Brownlee understood this legacy step would ultimately ensure their financial support, and commitment to the mission of the Inn, continues in perpetuity.

L-R: Stephanie Hughes, Board Chair; Wayne and Ina Lou Brownlee; Sandra Kary, Executive Director

“This is a phenomenal gift,” remarks Stephanie Hughes the Inn’s Board Chair, “and a first for the Inn to receive.” Each year the Friendship Inn works to fundraise 95% of its budget to continue serving daily meals to our vulnerable neighbours in need.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Wayne replied, when asked what motivated this generous act. “We really believe that no one should go hungry,” adds Ina Lou.

“We are so grateful for this extraordinary gift, it means we will have a sense of stability knowing this support is here for us each year,” states executive director Sandra Kary.

The endowment fund is created through the Saskatoon Community Foundation, and starting in fall 2023, the Friendship Inn will receive annual proceeds valued at approximately $135,000. The endowment is designed to grow over time, keeping pace with inflation and generating an on-going yearly gift to the Inn.

Each and every day the Inn is providing more than 1000 meals to our community. Everyone who comes through our doors has a need – some are struggling to make ends meet, some are homeless, and many face mental health issues and addictions.

With good friends like Wayne and Ina Lou, whose generous spirit inspires others, the Friendship Inn will continue providing good food and friendship to our community’s most vulnerable. Together, we will do our best to make sure no one goes hungry.