Welcoming Bailey Knot

The Friendship Inn team is excited to announce Bailey Knot has joined the team as our Community Support Worker. Bailey brings a Social Work degree and experience from a number of non-profit agencies serving the vulnerable sector here in Saskatoon. She will engage with guests of the Inn Monday to Friday, and offer support, referrals and services to assist people with their needs.

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Why are people hungry in our city? Why are people homeless?

We are often asked these questions. The answers vary, and there is no single solution to alleviate the realities of hunger, poverty and homelessness. By offering free meals to vulnerable people who may otherwise go hungry, the Friendship Inn offers a moment of brief reprieve. Thank-you for helping us serve with compassion.

Read the full Spring 2022 newsletter here.

Welcoming Matthew Hutchings to the Leadership Team

Joining the Friendship Inn as our Finance and Administration Manager on April 4th, 2022, Matthew brings many years of experience and leadership in the hospitality industry. He has served in a variety of financial management and executive roles both locally and across the country. Matthew’s keen analytical skills combined with his drive to create efficiency and innovate will help the Inn to continue serving guests with compassion and care.

At the same time, we bid a fond farewell and congratulations to Colette Gauthier who retired from our team on March 31.

12 Bold Ideas to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatoon

In February 2019, the Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP) launched 12 Bold Ideas to Eliminate Poverty in Saskatoon.

Applying an equity and human-rights based approach, the strategy presents 12 intersectoral and interconnected ideas that the group believes could have the biggest impact towards eliminating poverty in Saskatoon. It looks to policies and practices that could be adapted, keeping in mind jurisdictions, mandates and funding structures, but also encourages readers to think differently in order to challenge and disrupt systemic barriers.

Read the 12 Bold Ideas or learn more.